Dades Gorges and Kelaa MGouna

Dades Gorges and Kelaa MGouna

The way of glittering stones and fragrant roses- Dades Gorges and Kelaa MGouna

Appearing somewhere in the High Atlas, before joining the Draa river, the Dades River plays a magnificent game on the slopes. Around it, a long time ago, great quantities of sediment slowly turned into various beautiful rocks. Mostly sandstone and limestone.
Just like that, Dades Gorges carved out by the river and turned into a true hiking and climbing paradise.
If you are true fearsome adventurer, this place has a lot of things to offer. Fresh air, sometimes sharper than rocky paths, mesmerizing views and adrenaline rush. Even river changes from steady to raging, with strong erosive power, depending on season. Because of all this, area is titled as geologically very rich.

Dades Gorge and Todra Gorge
Dades Gorge and Todra Gorge

However, besides unpredictable nature, there is something for those who have a more tender soul.
In fact, there is the part of the valley that is considered as one of the most sensuous in Morocco.

“The Country of Roses “ that justifies its name with every petal.
Spreading its smells and its colors, these gardens are probably even more challenging than steep slopes of High Atlas. When you catch the fragrance, you won’t know for some time that it actually caught you. It traps passengers in its magical web, and only draws them even further into the fields. The fragrance simply wakes up all the senses and leaves you in an inexplicable state.

As the proud capital of this region, Kelaa MGouna celebrates “Festival of Roses “, every year in May. City that is famous, exactly, for this flower and its products. This celebration lasts for 7 days, and always attracts a large number of people, foreign and local.
Here, except on the fields, you will find the beauty of roses in various shapes. From this flower you can obtain rose water (l’eau de rose), essential oils, and perfumes are just some of cosmetic products that can be made of it.
Be prepared to be amazed by this craft, and don’t forget to dance with the petals!

Kelaa MGouna
Kelaa MGouna

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