“Mecca of the West”- Morocco city Fes

Home where the true Moroccan soul is lying- Fes. Sparkling and tossing its gloss on each and every feature that grows on this ground. Home of the passionate knowledge seekers and vivacious art. Be sure that Fes, being like this, won’t let you turn your head without leaving an amazed look on your face!

Roman civilization, Idrisid dynasty, French influence, that is Fes… History was painting this place with different shades and colors. And outcome was simply astonishing! Along with other things, this even made city Moroccan capital, until 1925.

The lovely story of Fes actually begins by collision of its two parts. The first of them- Fas Elboli, built under the hand of Idris I. The second- al-ʿĀliyá, built by his son Idris II. And as they grew, evolved and enriched, the city became the second largest city in Morocco. Around 1.1 million people, share their special lifestyle, here. If you would like to roam this path of history, you will have to visit true carriers of heritage, situated in three main districts of the city.

Morocco city Fes

Morocco city Fes

Fes el Bali, walled medina from 8th century. Welcomed by  Bab Bou Jeloud, The Blue Gate, built in 1913, you will catch a glimpse of Moorish style and then slip into the beauty of this old district. It is well preserved raw heart of everything that’s valued in Fes. Still beating and living, held by numerous hands of its people, as well as UNESCO World Heritage Center.

Next, Fes el Jdid, Bali’s extension from 13th century, with its Royal Palace. This splendor raised up in 17th century, as jewel in the crown of the district. Unfortunately, it remained available for admiring just from the outside. But that is not so surprising, knowing that it is still home of Mohammed VI of Morocco. But if you were able to see its mosaics, paintings and decors, the scene would surpass your most beautiful imagination.

At last Ville Nouvelle, like from a tale, the third and the youngest beauty of Morocco city Fes. Among traditional style, it is a sophisticated touch of French taste.

The Blue Gate Fes

The Blue Gate Fes

In addition to numerous famous things of imperial city, there are many museums, bazars and schools. It would be real shame not to see this prudent legacy.

At its top, shines, nothing less but the University of Al Quaraouiyine, as the oldest in the world. For anyone still wondering about women position in this culture, we can add one thing- the founder of this mosque-religious school was no one else but a woman.  Fatima al-Fihri- the daughter of a wealthy merchant from Tunisia.

Everything here is both glorious and little bit shy. For ones that approach carefully, with respect, city spreads its wings and reveals its true colors. So diving into this Moroccan beauty, you may head home with a piece of its soul, remaining.

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