Big beauty surrounded by even bigger splendor- Morocco city Zagora

Draa River valley in the Draa-Tafilalet region of southeastern Morocco, holds this pretty town on its shores. Originally it was called Tazagort, named after the mountain surrounding it. Later, name Zagora was derived from old name. Another name often used in a colloquial speech is Draa, just like the valley. All this as a great association on the mutual development of the town and the environment.

The interior of the town is highly enriched with different cultures. Being the stop on the caravan road, this is not surprising. Here, many different tribes from various parts of Africa, have found home, carrying their heritage and art with them. At every turn you will get surprised by some, small or big, artifact of their own.
Through crafts, music and folklore, Zagora knows the best ways to attract each and every soul passing by. Watch carefully its masters playing with clay, and also artisans with cane! This creations will lure you straight into the arms of history.

Morocco city Zagora

Morocco city Zagora

History of Morocco city Zagora

16th century, was the most important in town development. Saadyin dynasty controlled this part of road, since it was great trading center and valley around it was really resourceful.
Libraries of Zagora now hold ancient manuscripts and lots of books that testify about this period. Among them, also books of great spiritual as well as scientific value. Along with manuscripts, even the environment is very important in this domains. A lot of travelers said that they came here to find blessings and knowledge.
So, even outside the walls there are many things waiting to be found.

The best way to do that is, undoubtedly, camel trek. True way of appreciating the old nomadic style of living. Sahara desert, will challenge anyone who dares to step on its golden dunes. It is magnificent and hypnotizing.
You will roam, trying to catch the line where one shade of caramel overflow to another. Your shadows will dance with sunset. Your will rest in nomadic tents, not being to fall asleep, watching the raw beauty of the night in desert.
Since there is no word that can longer describe this experience, there is just one more thing to be added- climb up on the camel’s back and step into the adventure!

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