Magnificent glow of simple things- Morocco village Merzouga

Simple spot, with luxurious scenes- that’s how one can describe Merzouga. Appearing at the edge of the waving dunes it seems pretty shy. Yet, along with its twin village, Hassi Labied, it has thousand reasons to be one of the most attractive destinations. Erg Chebbi, constantly playing with its wind and sand, is giving this whole place the real taste of desert. And that is where the Merzouga slowly risen from the ground.
As the greatest contrast to this, lies the fact that the village actually has the largest natural underground water body in Morocco. Therefore, even several floods made their way through immense dryness. Except for this, occasional rain or drizzle can be expected in winter or spring.

Morocco village Merzouga

Morocco village Merzouga

So the best period for exploring this tract is, exactly, from February to April.
The people you can meet here are usually Berbers and Arabs. They are always welcoming and willing to recommend you various activities, popular in their village. But even without saying, you must know that camel trek is one of the most important things to do. You can not blame this people and this area for emphasizing this. They will always offer you their best. After all, it is once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Sahara dunes, on the back of the camel. Even if you did it several times, each ride is an adventure for itself.

Desert holds great treasures and it is always surprising. Roaming through it at night, is even more thrilling.
If this path is, for some reason, unavailable, you will gladly spend your time learning about culture and folklore. Maybe you will end up trying to do some dance, or just relax in deep meditation.

In one way or another, the village and surroundings easily make you fall in love. And even easier, it becomes marked as your destination for the next year.

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