Valley of 1000 Kasbahs- Skoura Valley

For anyone wishing to roam this road, there is a warning. It says- You should be careful with the immense beauty of this valley, because you can get lost, deeply lost in your thoughts, and, probably, with no desire to leave it.

Found 35km east of Ourzazate, two rivers boldly point out the traces by which Kasbahs, great fortresses, are coming up. Ruined, intact, each of that mud-brick creations is a world for itself. Almost like living beings. Running down the very long line of Kasbahs, astonishing nature is sprouting, to compete with them. If you ever find yourself here, you will first see how huge this oasis is. How intensely it grows and breathes. And how calmly it rests covered in waving shadows of palm trees.

Skoura Valley

Skoura Valley

History of Skoura Valley

For the tired merchants from heated caravan road, this valley was paradise. It is also place that will catch eyes of nature lovers as well as people interested in history. Its palm groves appeared here in 12th century, under the rule of Almohad sultan Yacoub el-Mansour. Slowly, they got into the houses of villagers, who used palm trunks for ceilings. Some of the Kasbahs are still inhabited by several families, who are preserving them strongly, under the burden of time. Even while slowly falling under that burden, these monuments look magnificent.
And they will still offer you resting place, beautifully shaped in Moroccan unique style.

At the end, you will for sure, maybe even unconsciously, go for a long walk. Chasing a prefect moment to capture or just following the flourishing trail, to the very heart of oasis. However, to fully discover this rich land, you will need days.
On foot, by bicycle, 4x4 or riding on the back of a mule, with or without guide, there is no person who shouldn’t see this beauty. Once you step on this ground, it’s hard to resist the impression.

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