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Todra Gorge and Tinghir

Unsettled reflection of beauty- Todra Gorge and Tinghir

Ever seen couple of sculptors carving a big massive stone and transforming it into a masterpiece? If no, then it’s time to see the best of their kind. Dades and Todra rivers in their home of steep rocky walls, called simply Todra Gorge.
On 15km from Tinghir city, these steams go 40km through mountains splitting orange and gray stones. Canyon walls are rising, gaping and getting closer again. On some places that close, that only water can squeeze through. Although in some parts it seems impassable, there is a good road leading from the city and going through the gorge.

Rising so bulky, this gorge can be titled as a big stone in the middle of the road. But it’s not boring at all. In fact, for hikers and climbers, this is a real paradise. Since it offers many opportunities and time in pure nature.
One special thing, that produces various views is constant changing of the surroundings. During the day, sun-kissed canyon walls are wearing coats of different colors. And depends on season, ice cold water running below, goes from thin stream to irresistible raging river. Unpredictable as it is, place successfully attracts equally unpredictable adventurers.

Todra Gorges
Todra Gorges

Nearby Tinghir, represents both, 30km long oasis and the city of the same name. This whole region owes its gorgeous landscapes to the hard work of wind and water. On the other hand, the climate here can be characterized as passive dry sub-tropical cloud spreading over the area. However, tireless flora creates many fresh spots, full of some ravishing energy and sprouting.
You will simply fall in love with this unusual co-existing of desert and greenery.
Around oasis, High Atlas and the Little Atlas are forming wedge. Exalted and untouchable, this ranges live their own lives, in the veil of clouds.
And the whole scenery is marked by this kind of contrasts, in the most beautiful way.


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